Shandong Tianwei Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. undertakes major national 863 project for the first time

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On April 5, 2012, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China issued document No. 213 [2012] of the State Council, which announced the "Notice on the Establishment of Major Projects for Large-scale Key Technologies (Phase I) of High-performance Separation Membrane Materials in the New Material Technology Field of the 863 Plan". The "large-scale preparation and application technology of membrane materials for acid-base recovery" declared by Shandong Tianwei membrane technology co., ltd. was listed as a major project topic, with a total of 20.4 million yuan allocated by the state. This is the first time that our company undertakes the national 863 subject.

The project is mainly undertaken by Shandong Tianwei Membrane Technology Co., Ltd., and the University of Science and Technology of China, Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology Research and Development Center Co., Ltd., and Huangshan Yongjia (Group) Co., Ltd. participated in the research. The main objectives of the project include: the construction of an annual production line of 50000 square meters of diffusion dialysis membrane, the realization of spiral wound diffusion dialysis membrane and bipolar membrane module mass production capacity, and the construction of acid and alkali recovery demonstration projects in the field of hydrometallurgy and more than 2 sets. The research content of the subject closely focuses on the main line of membrane preparation-assembly development-application technology development, and strives to adopt innovative technical routes, focusing on the large-scale preparation of diffusion dialysis membrane and bipolar membrane and the development of membrane assembly, so as to overcome the key industrialization technology of acid and alkali resistant membrane materials urgently needed by the country. At the same time, through the research of applied technology and the construction of demonstration projects, explore a new clean production model suitable for the resource utilization and zero emission of waste acid and alkali in different industrial fields, and provide strong technical support for the scientific and technological progress of related industrial fields in my country.

The national 863 plan is the the People's Republic of China high-tech development plan. The plan aims to improve my country's independent innovation capabilities, adhere to strategic, cutting-edge and forward-looking, focus on cutting-edge technology research and development, coordinate the deployment of high-tech integrated applications and industrialization demonstrations, and give full play to the leading role of high technology in leading future development.

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