Product Introduction
A membrane cell pair is formed by alternate stacking of an anion exchange membrane, a dilute spacer, a cation exchange membrane and a concentrated spacer; Several cell pairs are stacked together, and the electrode chamber spacers are added on both sides to form a membrane stack; electrodialyzers are formed by placing electrodes, end plates and clamping plates on both sides of the membrane stack.
The electrodialysis process is driven by an electric field. With the effect of the selective permeability of the ion exchange membrane to ions, anions migrate toward the anode and cations migrate toward the cathode, realizing salt removal in the dilute chamber and salt concentration in the concentrate chamber.
Technical Parameter
Remark: The above data are reference values, not the performance guarantee values of the equipment, and the data in the table may change.
Product Equipment
Application Field
Removal of salts from feed liquids in various production processes such as chemical/food/pharmaceuticals; preparation, treatment and recycling of industrial water such as industrial primary pure water, industrial reclaimed water, industrial salt-containing wastewater and reverse osmosis brine; preparation of domestic and drinking water such as surface water purification, brackish water desalination and seawater desalination.
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