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Shandong Tianwei Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Shandong Ocean Chemical Research Institute. It is an executive director unit of China Membrane Industry Association and a national high-tech enterprise. It has established Shandong Key Laboratory of Charged Polymer Membrane Materials and Shandong Charged Membrane Engineering Technology Research Center, Shandong Membrane Science and Technology Academician Workstation and Postdoctoral Research Workstation are the main undertaking units of the national "863" project. Specializing in the research, development and production of charged membrane materials and corresponding water treatment equipment, with independent intellectual property rights of homogeneous membrane production technology, built a number of domestic unique homogeneous ion membrane production lines, its production process and product quality have reached the international advanced level.

Shandong Tianwei Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. has always paid attention to and respected talents, and fully realized the importance of talents for the long-term development of enterprises. Over the years, it has actively explored the introduction of talents, training talents, using talents, motivating talents, and retaining talents., Established a complete set of talent cultivation mechanism, and achieved remarkable results.

Broaden the channels for attracting talents and accelerate the gathering of high-level talents

The company has established a talent introduction mechanism, according to the needs of enterprise development, the development of talent demand planning, in the introduction of talent willing to invest. According to the principle of production and operation, the company introduces talents on demand, and the human resources department introduces talents through Internet recruitment, campus recruitment, and recommendation of colleges and universities. At present, there are nearly 60 engineering and technical personnel, including 15 senior technicians, 22 intermediate technicians, 2 doctoral students and 15 master students.

Since 2013, the company has continuously introduced Dr. Fu Rongqiang and a number of outstanding master's and undergraduate students graduated from "985" and "211" colleges and universities, and has set up a high-quality technology research and development team with Dr. Fu as the core.

Dr. Fu Rongqiang graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China, and successively engaged in post-doctoral research in the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology of Korea and the National University of Singapore. Later, he joined the Singapore Global R & D Center of Siemens Water Treatment Technology Department, focusing on the development of electrodialysis seawater desalination technology, and developed New ion exchange membranes and new electrodialysis devices, applied for 5 international patents, and won the 2009 Inventor Award of Siemens Water Treatment Technology Department, grow into a well-known industry in the field of scientific research workers.

After returning to China, Dr. Fu Rongqiang, relying on his profound technical foundation and solid work style, quickly established a firm foothold and set up a brand-new R & D team at the fastest speed, specializing in the development and application of charged membrane materials. carry the new banner of enterprise scientific research work in one fell swoop.

In just three years, the team led by Dr. Fu Rongqiang has made gratifying progress and achieved remarkable results. First, two varieties of electrodialysis yin/yang membranes have been successfully developed and industrialized production has been successfully realized. The preparation process is green and simple, and the technical indicators of the products are equivalent to those of imported products. Second, a new bipolar membrane preparation process has been successfully developed, which solves the defects of large film thickness, high energy consumption and easy separation of membrane layer in the traditional bipolar membrane preparation process, and the technical index of the product is equivalent to that of imported products. Third, the successful development of various electrodialyzers. In contrast, the electrodialysis device developed by the team has the advantages of anti-leakage, anti-leakage, low resistance, good flow state, easy installation, corrosion resistance, etc., and can be applied to various processes of experiment, pilot test, and industrial production.

The development of the above-mentioned charged membrane materials and electrodialyzer devices by Dr. Fu Rongqiang and his research and development team has realized the localization of related membrane materials, which is urgently needed for the technological upgrading and transformation of various chemical industries and production processes, and has significant economic and Social benefits. Based on his contribution in the field of charged film, he has successively won the titles and funding of "Weifang City High-level Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent Introduction Support Program" and "Provincial Key Talents"; in 2015, he won the "Weifang City Major Science and Technology Innovation Award" and presided over the 2015 National High-tech Research and Development Plan (863 Plan) research topic.

In addition, the company has signed part-time contracts with many professors and senior technicians from many well-known universities such as University of Science and Technology of China and Ocean University of China. Professor Xu Tongwen and Dr. Wu Liang from University of Science and Technology of China, and Dr. Wu Yonghui from Yancheng Normal University are all the main members of the project team of "Large-scale Key Technology of High-performance Separation Membrane Materials" of the national "863" plan, with Professor Xu Tongwen as the project leader, dr. Wu Liang is responsible for the large-scale preparation of acid recovery membrane, and Dr. Wu Yonghui is responsible for the large-scale preparation of alkali recovery membrane and the research of alkali recovery process.

Innovating the Training Mode, Incentive Talent Innovation

A talent training mechanism has been established. The company has made clear regulations on vocational qualification training, job skills training, on-the-job academic education, etc., and has signed on-the-job training cooperation plans with Ocean University of China, Shandong University and other universities. The company's first batch of more than 20 on-the-job graduate students have Entered Ocean University of China, and will be enrolled in batches every year. A talent compensation incentive mechanism has been established. The company has formulated management systems such as "Scientific Research Dynamic Management Measures" and "Patent Incentive Measures", and implemented income distribution systems such as agreed wages, wage income and option income, and made outstanding contributions in production and operation, energy saving and consumption reduction, safety and quality, and technological innovation. Employees who have made contributions will be rewarded heavily to fully mobilize their enthusiasm and creativity.

Perfect the supporting facilities to ensure the talent to take root

The company has established a talent logistics support mechanism, provided modern experimental and office conditions for high-level talents, built a modern membrane material preparation and engineering application development laboratory covering an area of 1200 square meters, and purchased a large number of advanced membrane preparation and testing equipment such as electrochemical workstation, bipolar membrane pilot membrane machine, homogeneous membrane experimental membrane machine and pilot membrane machine. Concerned about the life of senior talents, solve accommodation, transportation and other problems for them, eliminate worries; open a shuttle bus from Binhai to Weifang for ordinary employees, and provide excellent accommodation conditions to facilitate the production and life of employees.

The introduction of a large number of talents has quickly shown results in a short period of time. The arrival of Dr. Fu Rongqiang and the formation of the team have greatly improved the competitiveness of the company and the vitality of research and development. At present, the production and development of ion exchange membranes and their electrodialyzer have been successfully completed. With the help and guidance of Professor Xu Tongwen and Dr. Wu Liang of China University of Science and Technology, Dr. Wu Yonghui of Yancheng Normal University and other talents, the company has reached the scale of industrialization in acid-base recovery special separation membrane and built a production line with an annual output of 50000 square meters. Developed a plate-and-frame diffusion dialyzer industrial application device with a single processing capacity of more than 10 cubic meters/day; it has independent intellectual property rights in the preparation of acid-base recovery membrane, component development and application process development, and has applied for more than 30 invention patents. The company's hard work in introducing talents has ensured the smooth completion of the national "863" project undertaken by the company and greatly improved the company's reputation in the industry.

Brief comment:Adhering to the concept of "people-oriented, focusing on talents, and respecting talents", Shandong Tianwei Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. has established and improved a relatively complete talent introduction and training mechanism, vigorously introduced and cultivated leading talents and comprehensive talents, and provided strong talents for the leap-forward development of the enterprise The support and guarantee of talents have achieved remarkable results.


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