The national innovation fund project undertaken by Tianwei company passed the acceptance.

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The project of "key technology of high-performance dialysis negative membrane and its assembly development" undertaken by Tianwei company passed the acceptance of the expert group organized by the provincial science and technology department.

This project is the 2012 Shandong Province Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Innovation and Development Fund Project undertaken by Tianwei Company. In 2013, it was included in the key project of the National Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Technology Innovation Fund.

Diafiltration membrane belongs to the field of new materials, is a new type of polymer functional materials, mainly used in metallurgy, electronics, chemical industry, environmental protection and other fields, is a high-tech products at home and abroad to promote the development. Through the introduction of bromine and inorganic components, the project improves the separation performance of the membrane, realizes the development of product series, the production process is environmentally friendly, meets the requirements of environmental protection, and the comprehensive technology reaches the international advanced level.

The membrane products of this project can solve the problem of industrial waste acid pollution in my country's steel, metallurgy, electronics, non-ferrous metal processing and other industries, and play an important role in improving the technical equipment level of most acid-related industries in my country, saving energy and resources, and promoting my country's economic development.

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