A Change Caused by a Film -- Technological Innovation in Coastal Area Leads New Material Industry

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May 20, 2015 14:27:50Source:Xinhua Tourism

According to statistics, 97.5 percent of the earth's water resources are seawater, while fresh water accounts for only 2.5 percent. China is a country with serious drought and water shortage, and coastal areas are even more thirsty for water. However, due to the high cost of seawater desalination, people can only "sigh at the sea". Domestic chemical, pharmaceutical, smelting and other industries, industrial waste, waste water and, there are technical bottlenecks and huge investment problems in the process... Now the solution of these problems is no longer a dream.

Shandong Tianwei Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. is a magical "membrane"-it will change the relatively backward situation of my country's charged membrane industry, break foreign monopolies and technical blockades, and make my country's marine, chemical, smelting, environmental protection, medicine, food and other industries Technical equipment has been improved, the utilization rate of raw materials has been greatly improved, and a lot of energy and resources have been saved, this technology will trigger a profound "change" in the fields of seawater desalination, industrial production and environmental protection in China ".

"Membrane" full of power to grasp the international discourse power

On May 15, the author saw in the production base of Shandong Tianwei Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. that the production line and production equipment developed by himself were running at full capacity, and the production workshop and production line were full of "scientific and technological flavor".

As the end of the transformation of "industry-university-research" achievements, Tianwei Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the industrial production and popularization and application of high-performance series of charged membrane materials and their application key technology development projects. According to Rong Qiang, chief engineer of the company, the membrane material developed in this project is a typical marine new material. The key is the introduction of marine element bromine. By controlling the reaction conditions, the precise control of bromination position and bromination degree can be realized, and the independent control of ion exchange capacity and water content of charged membrane can be realized, which cannot be realized by other membrane making methods. Fu Rongqiang gave us an analogy. Their production process can be vividly compared to "there are multiple membranes in the machine, which isolate the machine into small rooms. Some rooms will produce pure fresh water, and some rooms will flow out of high-concentration acid and alkali or high-concentration brine." Specifically, the "membrane" separates ions from ions in sewage and seawater, and finally achieves the purpose of recycling materials, treating sewage or desalination through the principle of ion separation.

Fu Rongqiang said that at present, my country's traditional seawater desalination processes are mainly reverse osmosis and multi-effect evaporation. However, the energy consumption of these two processes is relatively high, the pre-treatment requirements are very high, and the cost is also high. The electrodialysis membrane, bipolar membrane, diffusion dialysis cathode membrane and diffusion dialysis anode membrane currently developed and produced by their enterprises have achieved a major breakthrough in the industrialization of domestic charged membranes. Electrodialysis membrane is used in seawater and brackish water desalination, natural water purification, pharmaceutical industry sewage treatment and other fields; diffusion dialysis membrane is mainly used in iron and steel, hydrometallurgy, rare earth and other non-ferrous metal smelting and other industrial fields of waste acid recovery and resource utilization; diffusion dialysis membrane is used for the separation and purification of alkali and metal salt mixture, and can be used in non-ferrous metal smelting, organic chemical industry, papermaking, printing and dyeing and other industries waste alkali recovery; bipolar membranes are used in the production of organic acids, the production of organic alkalis, the removal of acid gases, the resource utilization of salt-containing wastewater, zero-discharge engineering, and clean production and separation in food and chemical industries. Fu Rongqiang said: "Diffusion dialysis acid membrane is at the leading level in the world and at the forefront in China. Electrodialysis membrane is widely used at home and abroad, but the most widely used is heterogeneous electrodialysis membrane. Bipolar membrane has been studied in China, but it has not been produced on a large scale. In particular, the diffusion dialysis membrane we have successfully developed has no precedent in the world. The successful research and development of this membrane has set a precedent, it fills the international gap."

To further illustrate the benefits of this technology, Fu Rongqiang gave us a comparative example. He said that if the homogeneous membrane electrodialyzer is placed on the seaside and on a ship, one end of the machine is directly connected to the sea, and after the inexhaustible seawater is pumped into the machine, the machine can effectively separate the fresh water from the salt water, thus achieving the effect of seawater desalination. Reverse osmosis requires about 4 degrees of electricity to produce fresh water on one side, while electrodialysis membrane requires only 2.5 degrees of electricity. Reverse osmosis requires an operating pressure of 90 atmospheres, while electrodialysis requires only 2 atmospheres. The equipment and pipelines of reverse osmosis method need to withstand high pressure, seawater and corrosion, and have high requirements on materials. It is difficult to maintain the equipment after failure and the cost is high, electrodialysis method using ordinary polymer materials can meet the use requirements, and maintenance is simple and easy.

"Membrane" so that high-cost environmental governance into a benefit generator

At present, the environmental protection problems of water systems, rivers and lakes in China are prominent, and the prevention and control of water pollution has become the top priority of environmental protection, especially the environmental protection of chemical, pharmaceutical and smelting enterprises. The recently announced "Water Ten articles" specifically describes the "timetable" and "road map" for promoting water environment governance in China at present and for a period of time in the future, and shows a "red card" for regional environmental protection governance ".

Practice has proved that the large-scale application of charged membrane will be an effective solution to water pollution control. While greatly reducing the cost of treatment, it will also become a benefit generator. For the application of "membrane", waste and sewage should be turned into resources, and one "input account" should be turned into two "benefit accounts". Lian Wenyu, general manager of Shandong Tianwei Membrane Technology Co., Ltd., said: "For high-acid and high-alkali wastewater, traditional environmental protection treatment methods and means are extremely difficult to solve. The passive investment of enterprises is not high in enthusiasm. Through our' membrane', purification is carried out from the front stage of the production process, and the purified acid or alkali is returned to the production process, with a recovery rate of 90%, for example, it used to require 10 tons of acid per day for production, but now it is enough to use 1 ton. The input cost has been reduced, the environmental protection has been solved, and the benefits have also come up. One" input account "has become" two benefit accounts ". Enterprises are very active in this good thing of" pie in the sky." In fact, Xinjiang Zhonghe Co., Ltd., which has cooperated with Tianwei Film Co., Ltd. for many years, has tasted the real benefits. Since 2004, the company has successively invested more than 1400 million yuan and installed more than 60 "membrane" equipment. One equipment can recover 6 cubic acids from wastewater in a day, and nearly 130000 tons of acid in a year. While solving environmental protection, it also produces huge economic benefits.

Environmental protection management is a "remedy" approach from the production process, and the application of charged membranes, early intervention, process reengineering, breakthrough in the green production process of seawater extraction, and accelerate the development of seawater desalination, salt chemical integration, etc. Comprehensive utilization project. According to Lian Wenyu, the application of a series of charged membranes, especially the application of electrodialyzer, will further concentrate the concentrated seawater after seawater desalination, and saturated brine can be directly supplied to salt chemical enterprises such as chlor-alkali plants or soda ash plants as raw materials, thus realizing the "revolution" in the supply of raw materials to the marine chemical industry ". Chlor-alkali or soda ash enterprises do not need to sun salt first, in the salt, can be directly used for production, can greatly reduce production costs. At the same time, it can extract and deep process elements such as sodium and potassium in concentrated seawater, realizing the comprehensive recycling of resources.


After the completion of the Tianwei membrane project, it can achieve an annual output of 100000 square meters of ion exchange membrane, 100000 square meters of diffusion dialysis membrane and 20000 square meters of bipolar membrane, with an annual direct economic benefit of 90 million yuan. (Xiao Yifei, Wang Yonggang, Wang Zhishun)

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