Diffusion Dialyzer for Acid Recovery

Product Introduction
The diffusion dialysis anion exchange membranes, the dialysate chamber spacers and the diffusate chamber spacers are arranged in a certain order to form a membrane stack, and the water distribution plates are placed on both sides of the membrane stack and clamped by the clamping plates to form the diffusion dialyzer.
The acid recovery diffusion dialysis process is driven by concentration gradient. With the effect of the selective permeability of anion exchange membrane to acid and high rejection to salt, acid and salt in solution are separated, and the separated acid solution is reused for production process.
Technical Parameter
Remark: The above data are reference values, not the performance guarantee values of the equipment, and the data in the table may change;Acid recovery diffusion dialyzer can be used to treat HCL, H2SO4, HNO3, HF, H3PO4.
Product Equipment
Application Field
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