Electrodialysis Membrane

Product Introduction
Electrodialysis membranes includes electrodialysis anion exchange membranes and electrodialysis cation exchange membranes. Anions can permeate through anion exchange membranes and cations are blocked, while cations can permeate through cation exchange membranes and anions are blocked. The anion exchange membrane and the cation exchange membrane are arranged alternately; under the action of the electric field, the migration of salt can be realized and so salt removal or salt concentration are achieved.
Technical Parameter
Remarks: The above data are reference values, not the performance guarantee values of the ion exchange membrane, and the data in the table may change.
Application Field
(1) Removal of salts from feed liquids in various production processes such as chemical/food/pharmaceuticals;
(2) Preparation, treatment and recycling of industrial water such as industrial primary pure water, industrial reclaimed water, industrial salt-containing wastewater, and reverse osmosis brine;
(3) Preparation of domestic and drinking water such as surface water purification, brackish water desalination and seawater desalination.