Engineering Application

Shandong Tianwei Membrane Technology Co., Ltd

Waste Acid Recovery by Diffusion Dialysis

Titanium dioxide  Steel  Formed foil  Hydrometallurgy  Storage battery  Electroplating  Aluminum profile  Rare earth industry  Medicine/Pesticide  Pharmaceutical engineering  Polysilicon  Graphite

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Waste Alkali Recovery by Diffusion Dialysis

Alumina  Viscose fiber  Tungsten metallurgy  Aluminum foil etching  Medicine/Pesticide  Pharmaceutical engineering  Polysilicon  Chemical industry

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High-salinity Wastewater Treatment by Electrodialysis

Rare earth  Catalyst  Nano zirconium  Zirconia flame retardant  Coal chemical industry  Viscose fiber  Pesticide production  Pharmaceutical  Chemical industry  Metallurgy  Electroplating  Storage battery  Amino acid  Betaine  Pickled vegetables/Pickled vegetables

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Bipolar membrane electrodialysis

Organic acid production  Converting salt to acid and alkeli  Food and pharmaceutical industry

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Integration of Homogeneous Ion Exchange Membrane Processes

Zero discharge of acidic, alkaline and salty wastewater

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